The Masterpiece and Presidents

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So, since I’ve been a little swamped with the amount of books I’m reading, today, I’m giving you a review. Mind you, this is my very first BookSirens review, and it makes me just a little bit excited to go beyond newbie to something-other-than-newbie!

Here it is. Just for you.


51zGJ+Y0bcLThe Masterpiece

By Chiemeka Nicely

Genre: Fantasy

Content Warnings: Violence and mild swearing

Publication Date: July 13th 2018

Nicely Publishing


My Review:

Everything begins a little foggy—Princess Calista is stalking around ancient ruins, but the reason is unclear. Before we know it, Calista is trapped in a rotting prison with hundreds of murderers. And people she thought no longer existed.

Nicely’s writing style is a little hard to follow, and there are many typos throughout the book, but despite all of this, her ideas are unique and somewhat strange. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book quite like The Masterpiece. It was a bit confusing at first when our world was tossed right into Nicely’s fantasy one, and I wasn’t sure if what I was reading was correct. But slowly, it all became clear to me and I was able to enjoy the story better.

Things for Calista grow dark and darker as the story moves along at a blinding pace. She is thrust into the gladiator ring and forced to fight to the death against someone she would rather not fight. And this fight catapults Calista into a world she never thought she would touch.

The Masterpiece is an interesting story, with unique setting and world development, perfect for anyone who loves a good action and adventure story, along with characters of African heritage.

I Rate It: 3 stars

NOTE: I received an ARC copy from BookSirens for review purposes only. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


About the Book:

Is Calista willing to commit the ultimate sacrifice and become the leader her people need?

Princess Calista of the First Dynasty barely remembers when The Kutawala led the Civil War into Genapa and slaughtered five of the dynasties leaving her own as the last one standing.

A decade later, Calista is a highly trained Elite Supreme Warrior and believes she must uncover the details concerning how and why the Sixth Dynasty disappeared without a trace. She discovers a hidden world where her people are subjects to The Kutawala’s Savage Games. Through their oppression, they develop an overbearing desire to survive and will murder anyone in a heartbeat, if it means they can live to eat another day. Before Calista knows it, she’s thrust into the games and has a decision to make, one that can be fatal and life-changing if she listens to the voice that urges her to accept the games temptation for her survival.

Though as the voice inside her persists, she realises she has a role to play, and she may be the saviour her people need. All she has to do is awaken the Legend of Bluka and walk the spiritual path of Enlightenment.

All things come with a price. Is she willing to commit the ultimate sacrifice and become the leader her people need?


About the Author:

Chiemeka was born in London, UK.

Her interest in science, African culture and issues in society is what encourages her to write stories that are unlike any other. Her novel and upcoming projects aim to enlighten readers and probe them into thinking deeper than what they know on a surface level. She created her own business Nicely publishing to inspire, incorporate her love for her culture, as well as self-publish her debut novel: The Masterpiece, book 1 in The Shadow I Cast series.

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