Fire Dancer by Catherine Jones Payne – Review


Fire Dancer

By Catherine Jones Payne

Genre: Fantasy

Publication Date: October 2019

Fathom Ink Press


So You Think You Can Dance meets Storm Siren

Fire is a dangerous magic.

Sixteen-year-old Kyla is preparing for the test of her life: a high-stakes dance competition to win the role of principle dancer in the fire festival’s elite troupe. When she’s not sneaking off into the woods to practice forbidden magic, that is. Among her people, only the men are entrusted with the mysteries of magecraft. But Kyla’s been learning in secret for ten years, and she’s never backed down from a challenge.

As danger ignites, Kyla must maintain a tight control on her magic. For more than her ambition is in peril. She must stay a step ahead of her enemies—a backstabbing dancer, a repressive council, and a crazed arsonist. If she can’t withstand the inferno, the people she loves most will die.

Fire Dancer is a heart-pounding first novel in a trilogy of YA elemental fantasy books. If you like fierce girl power, slow-burn romance, and harrowing danger, you’ll love Catherine Jones Payne’s fire world.

Plunge into a page-turning adventure perfect for fans of A.L. Knorr, Mary Weber, and Cassandra Clare.


My Review:

The description doesn’t lie when it says that Fire Dancer is a page-turner! While I had the e-book on my kindle for a little over a month now, I never had time to read it until now. And what a ride!

I’m a sucker for mystery intertwined with fantasy plots, and Fire Dancer is full of not only mystery, but a heart-pounding need to know what happens next. It’s been a while since a book has fully snagged my attention like this one did. The plot was solid and built with just enough intensity to leave the reader wanting more.

Character-wise, I won’t say that they were 100% original. I could name a couple characters that were similar to Kyla and Nolan. However, that didn’t make the story any less interesting. They were each animated enough, with enough conflict between other characters to make them a little more well-rounded.

My favorite part of the book was the fire. I love the way fire moves and looks, and all the different shades it comes in, so I immediately fell in love with the captivating fire-magic, and the entire culture that surrounds fire! The way Payne described it made the magic both beautiful and fierce, dangerous and spectacular. And the mystery involving Kyla’s powers in particular had me wanting to know more. But I won’t say anything else for fear of ruining the plot.

It is probably no surprise for me to say I loved this book! The ending was superb, and now I can’t wait to read what happens next!

I Rate It: 4 stars

About the Author:

Lauren Munoz MaccannCatherine believes that story is the deepest kind of magic there is. She loves getting lost with fairies in the forests of Upstate South Carolina and playing with her two flerkens, Mildred and Minerva, who pretend to be ordinary cats. She’s watched Parks and Rec more times than she should admit and consumes entirely too much tea.

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