The Top 8 Best Blogs on Writing

As writers, one of the best things we can do to grow our writing prowess is to read writing advice. When I was younger, and had been writing for a couple years, I discovered Writing Magic by Gail Carson Levine, who was one of my most favorite authors at the time. After reading it, my writing improved a lot.

But, now that I’m super busy all the time, I find it harder to pick up a 400-page book on writing and leaf through it. So, I read writing blogs. And each has offered all sorts of advice to help me grow. So now, I present to you:

Top 8 Best Blogs on Writing

Blog #1 – Helping Writers Become Authors

Out of all of the blogs, this is the one I go to the most. Hosted by K.M. Weiland, an award-winning author for her books on writing, she has a plethora of blog posts that answer almost every question.

Blog #2 – Go Teen Writers

This blog is specifically for teens who write, and is hosted by Jill Williamson, Melanie Dickerson, and Stephanie Morrill. All three are authors of YA novels, and enjoy helping teens unlock their potential as writers.

Blog #3 – well-storied

Just like Helping Writers Become Authors, well-storied is a blog chock-full of writing advice, from character to plot to theme. It is certainly one blog to keep at hand when a writing question arises.

Blog #4 – NY Book Editors

Written by editors for authors, this blog is one you wouldn’t want to pass up. Each article is written from an editor’s viewpoint and is filled with words of wisdom.

Blog #5 – Tomi Adeyami

With this blog, you have to sign up to be part of Adeyami’s newsletter list if you want free downloads, because it is an exclusive one you can only access through a password. And trust me, it is worth it. Adeyami’s charts are very helpful, as well as her blog. As the author of the all-famous book Children of Blood and Bone, she has plenty of advice to give to help others grow.

Blog #6 – Jill Williamson

Speaking of charts, Jill Williamson, the multi award-winning author of the Blood of Kings trilogy and Kinsman Chronicles, has plenty of character sheets and world-building charts that you can download for free from her blog. All have helped me dive deep into my story worlds.

Blog #7 – Sacha Black

If anyone knows anything about villains, it’s Sandra Black. Most of her posts, as well as her published works, focus on bettering your villains. So, if there is ever a need to strengthen your bad guy, then this blog is the ticket.

Blog #8 – Story Embers

This blog has been a lot of help for me personally. It is a blog for Christian writers, with articles written by fellow writers. Not only that but they have guilds that you can join, which are basically like online clubs, where you can connect with other writers and help each other grow.


Each writer has their own unique styles, strengths and weaknesses. Each blog could offer us information on each aspect that we struggle with. I myself struggle with dialogue and fight scenes. Reading advice on both have strengthened my writing skills immensely. Putting the proverbial tools in our toolboxes that we have acquired from reading writing advice is the best thing we can do for our stories.


NOTE: This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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